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Overcoming Capacity Challenges

Capacity is fundamental to the effectiveness, sustainability, and long-term success of  organizations. Nonprofits with robust capacity are better equipped to secure funding, manage resources efficiently, and navigate financial challenges.


Sadly, the pandemic decimated many nonprofit’s cash reserves, leaving little wiggle room for capacity building in the aftermath, especially with many funders requiring grants to go toward programmatic efforts.

Fortunately, ASSET was able to explore both infrastructure and capacity through evolving and emerging programming for a win-win scenario. Examples include:

  • Conversion to new accounting systems, such as Quickbooks Online and QuickBooks Time for more sustainable program modeling, expense forecasting, and time management

  • Salesforce for Nonprofits to strengthen stewardship, grants management, and programmatic operations

  • Virtual employment and surge staffing to expand the available talent pool

  • Overarching program sustainability support through dedicated personnel, consultants and systems

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