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ASSET's Inclusive Work

ASSET’s long-term change philosophy places the needs of the innovators above the actual innovations and solutions. We choose to identify the “who” and then learn from them “how” to challenge the “why”. We then utilize their perspectives to create the “what”.

Encouraging, growing, and sustaining DEI initiatives is a challenge with vast social, economic, and policy implications. It easily qualifies as what James Collins calls a ‘big-hairy-audacious-goal’! This is precisely why ASSET embraces human-centered/equity design principles.

ASSET’s theory of action for change emphasizes and prioritizes collaboration among those with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences to engage in strategic thinking, program design, coaching, and partnerships grounded in human-centered-ness.

This approach encourages a natural space that demands the opportunity for ALL voices to be heard, included, and incorporated into the who, how, why and what of the work.   

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