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Professional Learning and Customized Solutions


Professional Learning

Offered through a fee-for-service model, educators build pedagogical skills, content knowledge, and collaborative leadership through in-person, remote, or hybrid professional learning sessions. In addition to STEM content, areas of expertise include instructional best practices such as inquiry and Project-Based Learning; formative assessment; 21st century skills development; the entrepreneurial mindset; holistic STEM; career and workforce readiness; and classroom implementation of research-based, standards-aligned learning materials. ASSET’s team of Professional Learning Specialists also can design courses based on the needs of your organization. 

Personalized Coaching
ASSET’s non-evaluative coaching model is grounded in providing support for reflective teaching practices for change, growth, and professionalism. This service seeks to help educators find sustainable ways to develop as 21st-century educators for today’s classrooms. Coaching can be provided in conjunction with professional learning to support classroom implementation, or independently to focus on targeted areas of growth. Sessions can be provided virtually.

Standards Alignment
Foster student achievement by aligning curriculum, instruction, and assessment to academic standards. ASSET specializes in the alignment of curriculum, materials, and practice to Common Core standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the career education and work standards, as well as standards for Art, History and Social Studies.


ASSET’s team of educational specialists leverage their areas of expertise to provide critical insight and feedback to districts and organizations that are striving to change the dynamic of the teaching and learning environment. Consultations can focus on pedagogical practices, content development, hands-on materials consulting and distributor referral, and the development of essential support systems for 21st century learning.


Collaborative Grant Seeking
Are you working on a proposal and need a partner? ASSET can be a provider of professional learning or consulting in your program. Have you identified a need for programming, but aren’t sure how to implement it? ASSET collaborates with community partners to seek and secure funding.

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