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Learning to Yield:
Taking a Shot at Yield Giving Open Call 

Secret sleuthing philanthropist MacKenzie Scott typically operates behind the scenes, doing her due diligence and, without warning, awarding millions of dollars to unsuspecting nonprofits.

That all changed in 2023, when through her charitable giving organization Yield Giving, MacKenzie Scott issued an open call for applications.


The parameters for eligibility were clear, but narrow, and ASSET was eligible to apply. It was going to be an undertaking, but $1M in unrestricted funds certainly would be worth it. With 6,353 applications submitted, candidates had a 4 percent chance of being selected. While our proposal for PALS program expansion made it into the Peer Review stage, our application was not selected for the panel review. Not getting the funding is always disappointing, but the process helped us hone in on our message in a way we hadn’t quite mastered before.


One of the outcomes was a short video required to be submitted with the proposal. Take a look!

ASSET - Educational Excellence for ALL Kids (


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