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In Loving Memory of Reeny Davison, ASSET’s Founding Executive Director

On March 26, 2022, ASSET's founding executive director Dr. Reeny Davison passed away.

She was a visionary leader with a lifelong devotion to teaching and learning. She strongly believed the pathway to improving learning is through the educator and that education needs to be responsive to the needs of society. She also wisely knew that innovation cannot happen in isolation - but rather collaboration and collective impact were the catalysts for powerful and sustainable improvement in education.

Under Reeny's leadership, ASSET grew from a concept in 1992 serving two pilot schools into a statewide education initiative, which received national accolades. She pushed boundaries and tested limits with grace and tenacity. She would say if you are not uncomfortable, you are not learning.

To honor that legacy and her trailblazing spirit, ASSET has created the Reeny Davison Memorial Fund.

Reeny, you will be missed, but we know you will continue to shine your guiding light upon us.

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