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PALS in Action

PALS (Partnerships to Advance Learning in STEM)  was piloted in the Spring of 2021 in collaboration with Duquesne University to simultaneously support teachers-in-training and K-12 students experiencing learning disruptions from the pandemic.  Even as hybrid models emerged, Duquesne (and the nation’s) preservice teachers were faced with learning a profession at a time when our understanding of educational delivery was changing daily. 

In 2022, PALS was formalized and integrated into teacher preparation programs at Carlow University and University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, enabling the deployment of roughly 85 preservice teachers to support approximately 120 of Pittsburgh's high-needs learners via remote tutoring. Referred to as Next Generation Educators, these pre-service teachers have provided 1000+ hours of free tutoring for learners in Out-of-School Time (OST) programs. 


Mobile learning labs, consisting of laptops, headsets, document readers, and Wi-Fi hotspots are provided to the organizations to facilitate access.

ASSET Education Specialists moderate all sessions and provide real-time coaching to the pre-service educators. In addition, several professional development sessions are provided as part of coursework.

Today, through federal, state, and local funding, ASSET has expanded its work to include Westminster College and Waynesburg University. 

PALS Tutoring Sites

H.O.P.E. for Tomorrow

Sheraden, PA

Founded in 2010, H.O.P.E. for Tomorrow aims to help students be competitive in the global community despite various economic and societal risk factors. 

"ASSET does an amazing job with providing the services and supporting the students."

Mt. Ararat Community Activity Center (MACAC)

Lincoln/Larimer, PA

MACAC provides a variety of programs, services, resources and information to the community and promotes collaborative efforts with entities that are vital to the community. 

"The things that the tutors set up when the students didn’t have homework were really beneficial. (ASSET) pulled some good resources.” 

The Pittsburgh Project

Northside Pittsburgh

After-school programs empower young people ages K-12 by providing them with engaging learning environments where students are encouraged to grow into leaders that transform their community.

"This is a solution that really helped. The online tutoring allows the kids to do their thing and gets education students there without the transportation issues."

Would your School of Education
or Out-of-School-Time program like to join us?

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